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Teeth Whitening

When you smile and realize that your teeth do not sparkle, you may feel the need to have your teeth whitened. You are not alone in this, as more and more people are paying visits to their dentists to have their teeth sparkling again. The procedure will not guarantee snow white teeth, but will at least lighten your current tooth color by several shades.

There are different procedures used in the whitening of teeth. Some are simple and can be done at home while others may require you to visit your dentist. The simple DIY teeth whitening are done using kits that have different trays as well as solutions for use. These are a bit tricky to buy, since getting the wrong size tray means that your treatment will not be effective. The solution used may also not have the required percentage of bleach (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) to effectively lighten your teeth. Too much may cause damage while too little may not give desired results.

Most dentists thus advice against going for the DIY kits. There are also some salons that offer teeth whitening services. These are illegal, unless they have a dental backing to their work. The safest way of having your teeth whitened is thus through visiting your dentist.

In considering whitening your teeth, going to the dentist may help you understand the process as well as whether your treatment will be successful or not. The dentist will of course have to check your teeth and determine whether it will be possible to whiten all of them. Some teeth just can't be whitened, such as those with gray streaks, veneers, fillings and crowns. Teeth whitening will also not work on your caps.

After assessing your teeth, the dentist will prescribe a treatment plan that will help you whiten your teeth. You may thus be given or prescribed some tooth whitening toothpastes which are effective at removing stains from the surface of your teeth, the dentist might also perform a teeth whitening procedure where bleach and a laser beam are used to whiten the teeth. The doctor might also take your dentition's impression, make trays for it and then give you bleach that you can use safely while at home.


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