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When you have a periodontal disease, your dentist may prescribe some medication that will help in treating the disease as well as some lifestyle changes that will help you not develop the same problem again. With continued use, antibiotics may become less effective at treating your problem, thus your body may grow some resistance in responding to the antibiotics. Periowave is what most dentists use to treat patients after they have undergone root planning and scaling, minimizing the chances of the patient getting antibiotic resistance.

This method uses a blue solution which is applied topically to the treated area. This solution then attaches itself to the toxins and microbes which are present at the site of the gum disease. The dentist then uses a small toll that emits laser light to highlight the solution. This lase light then activates the photosynthetic component of the solution, thus killing the microbes and bacteria in the process. It only takes a few seconds to do this, thus the treatment takes less time, and is also painless.

There are some advantages of using this procedure, which include the speed of performing the procedure, increased comfort on part of the patient, increased likelihood of the patient responding to the treatment (patient compliance), and specific treatment of bacteria causing gum disease and reduced toxicity to the treatment site.

The patients may need to attend regular checkups at the dentist's so that they can be monitored for the effectiveness of the Periowave treatment. Hygiene programs are also given to the patients which should be strictly followed, but should they not produce results, the patient can have the dentist perform the program periodically. 

This treatment is suitable for use in chronic periodontists, endodontics, gingivitis, and Peri-implantitis. The non-antibiotic nature of the treatment is highly effective in reducing chances of the patient developing opportunistic infections, and sensitivity reactions. It also minimizes the necessity of having to use medications for a long time.

Periowave treatment has proven to be effective for use, and does not cause damage to materials such as bridges, crowns, inlays, sealants, implants and prostheses. Anyone with gum disease can thus undergo the treatment, with minimum side effects.


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