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InVu Braces

Wired braces have been in use for a long time now. These are very easy to spot as the wires protrude from the teeth. With the need to have more less obvious braces, cosmetic braces have been made. InVu braces are just one type of cosmetic braces.

InVu braces are made of ceramic brackets, which are held in place by the use of arch-wires which have the color of natural teeth. The ceramic brackets are designed to apply pressure to your teeth, so that with time, the teeth can be properly straightened. These braces are made using the latest technology in creating teeth correction braces. The injection molding system is what is used to produce the InVu braces.

The braces are attractive looking, as well as strong. Since the system is so much like the wired brace system, the patients often get dual benefits. They get a brace that is clear, making it easier for them to smile, as well as a brace that is highly functional and not just aesthetic. Most, but not all of the problems that can be solved by wearing the wired brace can thus also be solved with the InVu brace.

Other advantages of using the Invu braces is that the material used to make the brace system is less likely to break into smaller fragments and it takes much lesser time to achieve results when compared with the wired braces. A disadvantage is that the wire, made of Teflon coating, tends to get discolored with time, and can get chipped, making the InVu brace very unsightly.

The treatment involves not just having the braces fixed, but also regularly visiting the dentist for them to have their teeth as well as braces cleaned. This is because the braces are not removable, thus you will need to visit the dentist for the system to be cleaned. Regular brushing and flossing of your bracket is required as part of the care regime. You should however not take hard foods such as apples as these may require hard biting, which in turn may cause the bracket to break.


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