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Invisalign Braces

Many patients going for orthodontic treatment often get braces that help with straightening their teeth. Straightening of the teeth is important to help reduce the problems that come with having crooked teeth. Most people with crooked teeth may have a low self-esteem, be very cautious when out in social events or even have problems while eating.

Invisalign is a type of brace used to help in correcting crooked teeth. The brace if offered in form a treatment that can take up to one year or more, depending on how individual people's teeth respond to the treatment. When a patient goes to his orthodontic dentist, they will first have to get a consultation, after which the dentist gets an X-ray of their teeth. The X-rays together with other images of your teeth will then be used to generate a 3D representation of your teeth. Your dentist will then use this 3D image to come up with a treatment plan that will aid in straightening your teeth.

This treatment plan often involves the use of the Invisalign braces, which are trays that are made of clear plastic and are free from BPA. This plastic is smooth and comfortable, causing less irritation. The dentist will start the treatment with one brace set then keep changing the braces to suit the movement of the teeth during straightening. One is thus required to change the Invisalign braces periodically, within a minimum of every two weeks.

This treatment is preferred by most people because the braces are clear, making them unnoticeable. This is one advantage of using the brace. The other advantages include the ability to easily remove the brace, less difficulty in eating, less food getting caught and less difficulty in eating. The disadvantages include the need to remove the brace before eating or drinking anything, except water, and the need to brush after every meal to avoid discolouring the braces.

This treatment is also not suitable for complex dental issues, such as correcting the back tooth issues, vertically aligning teeth, rotating premolars or canines as well as having bridgework done on the teeth.


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