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The structure of the human dental formula is a bit complex. Just having one dentist will not always solve many dental problems. This is why dentistry has some sub branches which seek to solve some of the complex problems associated with the tooth, such as the tooth's pulp, or the tooth's interior. For a dentist to be considered an Endodontist, he must complete another two years of dental study. This study often covers causes and treatment of tooth pain as well as how to perform a root canal.

When you visit your dentist for tooth checkup, or for a problem with your tooth, they may note something that they won't be able to help. They will thus refer you to an Endodontist who will evaluate your problem further before coming up with a treatment program. Most Endodontic clinics are thus referral clinics, which will expect you to go with a referral from their dentists prior to treatment.

When might your dentist refer you to an Endodontic clinic? Your dentist will check for the following signs:

Much of the Endodontic treatment involves the removal of the tooth's tissue that are found inside the root canal, followed by cleaning of the root canal, then finally filling the space with suitable material and then sealing it off. A crown, made from either gold or amalgam will then be placed as a replacement tooth. Care is often needed during this time period, until a more permanent filling or crown is found to complete the treatment. The success rates of Endodontic treatments are high, though there are a few cases where the patients have had to undergo a second procedure when the pain did not subside.

There are also other cases where Endodontic procedures may not be possible to perform, such as when it is impossible for the dentist to access the root canal, the tooth lacks enough bone support, the root has been fractured severely and the tooth cannot possibly be restored.


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