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CEREC is the acronym for Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is also known as Ceramic Reconstruction. It is a dental procedure that uses the aid of computers to generate ceramic restorations. The dentist will thus, use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design the construction of the ceramic restoration, and then use Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) to produce the ceramic restorations. Each of these individual ceramics is then inserted into their respective sites, thus chair-side. This whole procedure will take place in just one appointment.

This type of dental restoration thus require a computer, software, a camera that is specifically designed for dental imaging as well as a milling machine or a 3D printer to produce the ceramic. The advantage of suing this method is that the procedure is done in one sitting, as opposed to many visits. The ceramic material used is very similar to the tooth, mimicking the look as well as physical qualities of tooth. In addition, most patients prefer to have digital impressions as opposed to the traditional impressions taken of their dental formula (an impression is a representation of how your teeth are structured are in your mouth. Traditionally, clay like cast is used, which the patient has to insert into the mouth for the dentist to get an imprint, or impression). The digital impressions minimize chances of having inaccurate impressions, thus providing patients with a perfect fit.

The success of CEREC has now made it possible our dentists to perform implants using 3D X-ray technology. Most of the dentists who wish to use the CEREC technology to treat their patients will, apart from purchasing the machine, also have to follow the manual provided by the manufacturers. These will guide them on how to use the machines, since they are not very common. Orthodontic dentists can also use CEREC to make imprints of the patient's jaws and then produce orthodontic braces, which are made of ceramic materials. This technique will thus reduce the time taken in taking the patient's dentition photos as well as other impressions, given that the tools provided with CEREC include a scanner, camera as well as video camera.


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