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Dental Services Available in Sheffield

Cosmetic Treatments

There are many various types of dentists who cater for many dental issues. Among these are those that cater for the appearance of your mouth when you smile. Cosmetic dentist may be your regular dentist, but they pay more attention to improving your smile, and even possibly correcting some serious tooth related problems.

Cosmetic dentists perform a number of dental procedures that help improve the look of your teeth. Bleaching, or teeth whitening is one of these procedures. A number of things can make your teeth lose their natural colour, such as too much coffee, tea, certain medication, as well as cigarettes. The dentist will thus have to assess the extent of colour damage to your teeth before prescribing a treatment plan. The cosmetic dentist will thus use bleach as well as laser light beams to help restore several colour shades to your teeth.

Another procedure that cosmetic dentists often perform is the reshaping of teeth. This is also known as straightening of teeth. You probably have seen many people wearing braces.  Cosmetic dentist may however not necessarily apply braces, but use contouring method where drills or lasers are used to change the shape of the teeth.

Bonding is also another procedure done by cosmetic dentist. Here gaps that are present in your teeth, as well as cavities will be filled with tooth coloured material. The bonding is very effective as it lasts several years. The disadvantage is that bonding is very likely to chip and stain over the years.

A cosmetic dentist will be a little different from other dentists in that they have studied the concept of what makes a smile great as well as how to design a tooth replacement that is both visually appealing as well as functional using suitable materials. They are not very different from restorative dentists. When you visit one, they will asks you questions with regards to your smile, that you do not like, and what change you would like to achieve. The dentists will also give you a thorough oral check up to rule out the possibility of any underlying problems with your dentition. They will then come up with a treatment plan and inform you of the possible changes to your teeth, how long the treatment will last as well as give you the cost for undertaking the treatment.


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